What Are We Doing Here? (Spoiler Alert: Great Things!)

This month is our annual giving campaign, and we are encouraging each other to give, so that we can keep doing great things.

This year’s campaign has been a little different.  We started in July by sharing our dreams of what we might do together next year. In September, we met to talk about how those dreams might look in the form of a budget. We really wanted to start making some of our shared dreams for our church come true, rather than just sticking with things as they have been, particularly adding things for our children, and making more ways for us to connect with each other in groups and inter-generationally.

For this campaign, we have been inspired by the word cloud made up of the what we want to see in our church’s future. We recognize that our future will be built on what we have done in the past and are presently doing.  Each week, we are showing a different perspective on what we are doing here at the Big Red Church. The first week we looked at “Welcoming anyone and everyone” with Peter.  The second, we looked at “Working for justice in our community and in our world” with Sally. Last week, we heard from Bitsy on “Connecting with each other.”  This week, our answer to the question “What are we doing here?” is that we are “Supporting the church and each other,” and we heard from Gayle Thornton.

Of course, one of the most important ways we support the church is by doing so financially. The church needs those gifts to help us keep doing what we are doing here—and more.   There are many ways you can give:

  • You can use the Givelify app on your phone.
  • You can contact the church office and set up a regular bank-to-bank transfer or a credit card payment.
  • You can give in the weekly offering.

But no matter how you give, every year we need you to fill out a pledge card with the amount that you expect to give. Turning in a pledge card is your promise of how much you will give to the church in the next year. Turning in a pledge card is important, because it helps us making plans that we can then carry out. 

Here is our pledge card to fill out:

  • Put your info in the boxes at the top
  • Fill in the amount you plan to give over the course of the 2020 year
  • Check a box to let us know if you plan to give that weekly, monthly, or in one lump sum
  • Which payment method you will likely use, and if you need help setting that up
  • Then sign and date it

The pledge cards are your way to be part of our plan. This week, please thoughtfully & prayerfully consider what you will give next year, and then fill out the pledge card, and bring it back next week on Stewardship Sunday, November 3, as we will collect the pledge cards during the service. 

Here at the Big Red Church, everybody counts, and everything you give counts. Thank you.

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