For several generations, the facilities of the Big Red Church have served a wide variety of needs across our community: weddings, memorial services, anniversary celebrations, fund-raising events, music recitals and other public music performances;  being an election day polling station; a meeting space for a wide variety of non-profit groups; a site for the Fresno PROM of the Community Alliance (LGBT); rehearsal space for Fresno Grand Opera Chorus; multiple uses by Fresno High School; and a public meeting place for local elected officials, and prominent speakers.

To accommodate such a wide range of activities requires custodial and building maintenance, as well as the cost of utilities and expendables such as toilet tissue, soap and hand towels.  This, in turn, requires us to charge reasonable fees to be able to continue providing such access to our campus.

We welcome new inquiries, and here is a base list of fees: FCCFfacilities2016