The Big Red Church has five Ministries that keep us going!

Ministries are open, and all are encouraged to participate as interest and time allows. Each Ministry has a Chair Person who is elected by the Congregation at the Annual Meeting. Ministry Chairs are active members of the Church and are elected for a term of one year. Each Ministry will typically have one meeting per month.

Ministry of Worship
Chair: Catherine English

The Ministry of Worship collaborates with the Pastor, the Music Director, other church staff, and the other Ministries in gathering the creative resources needed to foster spiritual formation and growth through worship, music, and the arts.  In addition to supporting the ushers, acolytes, and communion teams, Ministry of Worship seeks to enhance weekly worship services each Sunday morning.  The Ministry of Worship also prepares for special services during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter seasons.

Ministry of Resources
Chair: Wade Hobson  

The Ministry of Resources acts as the steward of the buildings and Grounds. They recommend design decisions, supervise the selection of contractors, and prioritize improvement projects according to the master plan and the availability of funds.

Ministry of Church Life
Co-Chairs: Paula Roberts and Linda Popovich

The Ministry of Church Life is responsible for developing and strengthening the bonds of relationship and covenantal life within the congregation. Activities, events, and programs that promote Christian fellowship, unity and fun are within its purview.  They encourages the integration of new members into the congregation.

Ministry of Christian Education
Chair: Kenny Schoelen

The Ministry of Christian Education utilizes the resources of the pastoral staff and the entire Congregation to provide opportunities for religious education and spiritual community for all ages.  In addition to the Sunday School program, it offers appropriate fellowship, learning and service activities for youth and adults, and encourages participation and leadership in outdoor ministry activities, particularly those offered through the Conference and Association.

Ministry of Community Outreach
Chair: Michelle Eskew

The Ministry of Community Outreach facilitates and encourages the giving and sharing of our Congregation’s time and resources with the greater community.  It focuses on social justice issues, like hunger and homelessness, by supporting the work of several local organizations and worthwhile causes through financial and task-oriented aid.

 The Big Red Food Pantry, organized and administered under this Ministry, works to supplement the subsistence needs of church members, attending friends and others in the local community.