Our August Learning Circle

From Pastor Ara Guekguezian
On Sunday, August 20 following Worship and during our Fellowship time, the Faith Development Vision group wants to learn from us. There will be a table set up in the rear of the hall offering a short survey on the best time, day and place for you to engage in the discuss on a particular ‘worm’ drawn from our ‘Can of Worms’. 
These are the topics, issues, philosophical and faith questions that many of us share: our Can of Worms. During Discovery Time in Worship, one of our children will pull four worms out of a can. Then in the following four weeks those engaged by the particular ‘worm’ will meet to discuss and delve into the presenting issue accompanied by a facilitator. Faith Development wants to know the time and day that works best for us. So stop by the table check the boxes that work best for you. 
THEN, in late September we begin a great journey for each of us developing a clearer and stronger understanding of our faith, supported and encouraged by input from our fellow travelers. See you Sunday. 

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