FORGIVENESS—A Sacred Pursuit

We have a wonderful new opportunity to be presented by Jane Kuhn, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. FORGIVENESS, a three part seminar that will guide in understanding more full what forgiveness is, how to grant it, ask for it, and extend to one’s own self.

We will gather in the Heritage room at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays, June 7, 14 and 21. Jane’s connection comes out of living an  engaged life. Jane  picks up her Ooooby box on Wednesdays, and Bitsy, Kymberly, Pat and the Pastor hang out, ready to meet anyone who passes by. One Wednesday, a conversation ensued, and we are now able to receive Jane’s gift.

There is always some Sacred Pursuit on Wednesday evenings at six, even it is just
Pastor Ara. Pastor Ara will be preaching from Genesis quite a bit in August, so he will be
doing a brief study on Walter Brueggemann’s approach to understanding the beginning of the Story of God. Directly following Sacred Pursuits is the popular “Niners” group, led by Pat Reeves. What’s your Ennneagram number? Come joins us to learn more about ourselves through our numbers.


See you Wednesday.


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