THE VAN: Stewardship, Youth, and Ministry

From Rev. Ara Guekguezian, Interim Pastor

The dusty vehicle under the carport in the back of our property was a much used van to transport Big Red folk, especially children and youth around this gorgeous valley. The van is thirteen years old and is now rarely used. We still make the insurance payment regularly ($700.00 annually). It is concerning to let a vehicle sit idle for weeks on end, especially in the heat, then putting people we love into it for a drive up a mountainside or across town.

The Council made a wise and well considered decision as faithful stewards to divest ourselves from the van. The money saved from insurance, upkeep and sale of the van would be used to rent a new van whenever we need it (for camp, for Kidmunity, for youth activity [hopefully]).

Then, we became aware of the need of our adopted Syrian Refugee family of eight who have a Toyota Corolla. They are unable to go anywhere as a family. They are grateful for an old but useful car, but an old and useful eight passenger van would be much better. They would use the van daily. The disintegration from disuse would be avoided.

Therefore, it was decided by our Council to give the van to our family upon raising $2,400.00, the book value of the vehicle. So we could keep our promise to our ministries for Christian Education, Resources and Outreach: to continue our essential ministries without burdening the financial resources of our  congregation.

Give, please!

Now a little opportunity to receive as you give. Pastor Ara was adopted by the Schoelens for an evening (any longer than that requires him to grow out his white beard). At the Grand Banquet of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Pastor Ara bid on two wonderful items and ended up with a private wine tasting at Englemann Cellars for him and nine friends, and a tour and tasting at Ficklin Vineyards for him and five friends. PROBLEM: Pastor Ara has no friends, so a ‘sign up’ sheet will be available through June for both tours. You may sign up to join him on either tasting with your name and how much you are willing to pay for a most delightful evening. The top nine bidders for Engelmann and top five for Ficklin will join Pastor Ara on the adventure. All proceeds will go to the Van Fund.

Note: if you wish to buy a new van for the church, DON’T. Give the $32,000.00 instead to the
transportation fund. Invested wisely, it will provide transportation for our Youth, Camp and Kidmunity for twenty years (longer than the life span of a van).

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