Lenten Devotional

Dearest friends,
This book has been lovingly written by many among us, members, clergy, church leadership, and seekers.
As I put the finishing touches on this Lenten devotional, I was moved to tears by the touching, beautiful,
vulnerable work that so many people put into their written contributions. I don’t know everyone who has
sent in words to guide our daily meditations, but I really want to sit down with every one of them at some
point with a cup of tea and talk.
The devotional is divided into thematic sections that take us from twilight to dawn in this span of forty
days. Read the scripture and then see what our writers have written in response to the text of the day.
I know that this Lent comes to us after a year of feeling like we’ve already given something up—a lot of
somethings. I invite you to instead take on a Lenten discipline, to take on the daily practice of spending
time with this devotional. I hope it challenges you and offers you a deeper connection to God, and I
especially hope that it becomes a meaningful part of your practice during this holy season of reflection.
Kim Williams—Editor
Authorized Lay Minister, Grace Community Church
Member in Discernment, Big Red Church of Fresno, NCNC-UCC

Many Thanks

Thank you Peter Wall for theme and scriptural inspiration.
Thank you to our writers:
Raygan Baker
Norman Broadbent
Ellie Dote
Ara Guekguezian
Mary Beth Harrison
Rene Horton
Kymberly Lindsey
Akiko Miyake-Stoner
Mary Jo Renner
Chris Takeda
Norma Uragami
Mary Wall
Peter Wall
Diane Weible
Chris Williams
Kim Williams
Carol Yamashita
Jean Yang