Cabaret Performer Spotlight: Trent Barry

As the Cabaret nears, we’ll be highlighting the amazing and talented individuals who will be providing our entertainment for the evening.

Trent Barry grew up in Visalia in a musical household; all six children were expected to and did study piano. He found his singing voice and began vocalizing recognizable tunes before he could speak a word. By age five, he was playing Mozart by ear; subsequently starting formal lessons which launched into what would be many years of rigorous study of classical piano. He studied in Fresno with Dr. Bob Bennett (CSUF) until graduating high school, and continued his study of piano at Occidental College, while majoring in art history and the visual arts.

Beyond the classical music that surrounded him and compelled him to practice long hours as a child, Trent loved Broadway, and learned entire scores from beginning to end, listening for countless hours of everything from the Sound of Music to Les Miserables. At age 8, he became involved in community theater. and performed numerous roles as a child and young adult.

Trent considers it a great pleasure and unexpected turn of events that he has found himself living the life of a professional musician. After 37 years of musical theatre, various choirs, seven seasons with the Tulare County Symphony, three seasons with the Fresno Philharmonic, recitals for Occidental College, UCLA, and CSUF, accompanist, and wedding and funeral musician, and church musician, Trent still enjoys sitting down at the piano and finding ways to make it new again. His favorite musical experience  with friends around the grand Yamaha in his living room, singing and playing whatever comes to mind, sharing an intimate bond over music and song that elevates the human experience and brings people together, through the universal language of music. 

The Cabaret will take place on September 7th at 6:00 pm. Tickets are available in the church office or after church on Sunday!

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