Advent Devotional • January 2

Written by Rev Ara Guekguezian
Community United Church of Christ
Psalm 8

So small am I. I recall, bemused, when my first born, says to his mother, Dad is so big, he can crush me. Now that he is a father, he knows to the core of his being that is an action that would never occur.


As I am dwarfed by the heavens, I recognize my weakness. Do I matter in any significant way? Do I have agency?

In the old, and maybe familiar language, we are in the midst of the celebration of this song. For God so loved the world, that he sent his son… I, among we all, do matter.

The one, so great, that They are above the heavens, is mindful of us and cares for us. This is the very heart of the matter. And has endowed us with agency (and responsibility).

So loved am I, so loved are we, that we get to act in ways that influence one another and the world. I pray that I am a good and faithful actor.


You can download a PDF of the devotional here.

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