First Congregational Church of Fresno, United Church of Christ, is an Open and Affirming congregation, with strong ecumenical and interfaith ties, through whom God Is Still Speaking today.

No matter who you are, or where you are in life’s journey, you are welcome here. Find your church. Find yourself. Find your community. We are the Big Red Church! We’ve been in ministry in Fresno since 1883, but we believe God is still singing, and we are all part of the song!

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday worship connects us to the Holy Spirit through the spoken word, interpreting the Bible readings of the day, and through singing and music, sung by congregation and choir, (congregational and choir);in addition to the richness of a varied musical offering (pipe organ, piano, handbells, a wide variety of other musical instruments, and sacred dance).

As woven together, our worship attempts to provide all who participate a healthy and blended way to offer thanksgiving to God, to affirm and recognize our faith in Jesus Christ, and to bless one another through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Time & Location

Our Sunday morning service is at 10am.

Children & Youth

All youth and children of any age are welcome at The Big Red Church. We love to welcome new arrivals and will do all we can to help them settle into our church family. Our prayer is that every child will make great Christian friends here and enjoy being part of a small group.

At The Big Red Church we are committed to ensuring that the children who come are looked after and taught in the best possible way. All those involved in Children’s work are required to comply with the church’s Safe Church Policy and must obtain a clear release from a comprehensive finger print and background check.

What Happens For Kids On A Sunday Morning?

All children and youth are with the rest of the church family for the start of our 10AM service and enjoy a fun and engaging Time For Discovery with the Pastor aimed specifically at them. After this Time For Discovery, they accompany their leaders for their own age-appropriate activities and teaching in our secured Sunday School Rooms.

All children and youth return to the greater church family for Fellowship Time after the service.


During our 10AM service, the youngest of our congregation are invited to join in the fun found in our Nursery. Your children will have supervised fun, playing with toys and singing songs with friends. This service will allow you to be a part of the main church family during our service.

Coffee Hour

At The big Red Church of Fresno, Coffee Hour is a time of fellowship. It is our opportunity to demonstrate extravagant welcome and hospitality. Many interesting conversations happen, friendships are formed, and plans for activities are worked out. We are really into food, too, and we have a lot of people in the congregation who enjoy cooking — but we don’t get too competitive about it. Coffee hour is not a time to outdo each other with as-seen-in-magazines fancy cuisine. It is simply a time to share some good food, good coffee, and good company. There will always be someone to accompany you to coffee hour if you are new to Big Red. We love meeting new people, and coffee hour is the best time to get to know each other!

Common Questions

The answer lies in the respective histories of Congregational-Christian, Evangelical & Reformed Churches. Churches that came into the 1957 union typically retained the names of their heritage, adding “United Church of Christ” to their headings.

Churches organized since 1960 tend to take more inclusive or distinctive names, which include UCC in their title.

Congregational refers to the historic denominational identity; congregational refers to a church’s polity, (its way of organizing and behaving). Baptist and Unitarian churches are also congregational in their polity.
We hold in common certain assumptions about God, Jesus, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the role of the church in relation to the world. It is part of our heritage that it is the covenantal responsibility and the right of each individual believer to examine her/his own conscience and faith in light of personal experience, and of her/his appreciation of how God is speaking to us in our day.

Membership is not based upon believing in any right (orthodox) way, but is about promises made (covenant) to share the walk and work of faith as God gives us the grace to do so. We find our strength in the diversity of expression which allows itself to be companion to thoughtful inquiry and prayerful partnership.

A responsible member is one who will:

  • trust that the Spirit knows what the Spirit is doing in our midst
  • share in the practice of regular worship
  • be committed to growth through learning and education
  • seek to serve through the many ministry and volunteer opportunities our church offers
  • give regularly (as one is able) to the financial support of FCC-F
  • prayer regularly for the ministries of FCC-F, its spiritual leaders, and its representative leaders
  • share his/her faith with others in appropriate and meaningful ways
  • always seek to build up the spirit and work we share in covenant
The Ministry of Christian Education and a team of qualified teachers at The Big Red Church take great care in providing the highest quality programming and ministry for children of all ages. We strive to create environments that are both safe and celebratory of the child’s age and stage of life. Our teachers and staff undergo background checks and regular training and equipping to ensure that the very best care is being provided for the children at all times. We love what we do and the children we get to work with!

For weekend worship, nursery care is provided for children birth – 3 years of age during our worship service. Age-specific programming for older children (4 years and up) is available on Sunday mornings. Children ages 4 through fifth grade enjoy music, story time, teaching, play and small group discussion (where age-appropriate). Older students have a time of worship and Bible study during the worship service. All children are incorporated back into the main worship service on Communion Sundays.

The United Church of Christ affirms the baptism of infants, as well as the baptism of adult believers. Our heritage speaks of baptism as the welcome into the community of believers. Thus, baptism is almost always done as part of public worship, since one is being received into the community of faith, expressed in a covenant of mutual promises made between family household and congrega-tion.

Baptism ought not be seen as “an insurance policy for eternity,” but is an expression of accepting God’s reaching out to us in love and in grace.

Most frequently, we baptize by effusion, or “sprinkling.” However, immersion is always an option for appropriate circumstances.

Confirmation is a period of time set aside for young people to seriously examine the Christian faith into which most were already baptized. After this period of engagement, the young person re-affirms (confirms) their relationship to God and Jesus, which were the promises made on their behalf at the time of their being baptized. For young people never having been baptized, the sacrament accompanies their being received into the covenant of membership.
Ours is not a GLBT church; rather, we are that church that welcomes and affirms persons who have been endowed by God to be unique, precious, and differently gifted creatures of God’s own loving. Jesus commands his followers to make room within God’s Realm for all who (in the words of Peter) love God and seek to do what is right. Loving God, seeking justice, extending forgiveness, enabling healing are neither gender-dependent, nor sexually oriented dependent. They are spiritual markers that define all humans as children of God.
It is true, our critics contend that it appears we may be the church of anything goes! That is a serious mis-reading of our tradition, and of our core theological base. We can respond this way:

In essentials unity, in non-essentials diversity, in all things charity. The unity that we seek requires neither an uncritical acceptance of any point of view, nor rigid formulation of doctrine. It does require mutual understanding and agreement as to which aspects Christian faith and life are essential.

The unity of the church is not of its own making. It is a gift of God. But expressions of that unity are as diverse as there are individuals. The common thread that runs through all is love.