The 2020 Stewardship Campaign us Underway!

Our goal is to increase our pledged giving by 10% over last year. We continue to think big in what we want to accomplish for our shared lives together at the Big Red Church.
If you are supporting the church through pledged giving now, you recently received a letter which included a pledge card for next year. If you have already returned your card, thank you very much. That helps us a lot in planning and budgeting for next year. If you are still thinking about it, please return it as soon as you can, or use the link below to submit your pledge online. If we haven’t heard from you soon, we will contact you.  
If you would like to start pledging in the next year, you can do so electronically here: or call the church office to get a paper form.
Remember, for this year’s pledge campaign, you need to return this form to the office, by the end of October.
We will appreciate very much whatever you are able to give and whenever you are able to give it. 
At the Big Red Church, everyone counts and every gift counts.