World Wide Communion Sunday

From Pastor Ara Guekguezian

On Sunday we will celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion with a variety of breads reflecting the

 daily bread of the many people groups in our community. It will add to the tangible reminder of what we are doing when we receive the bread of heaven and the cup of salvation. These words are loaded with meaning, too much to unpack within even a lifetime, so thanks be to God in the person of Jesus, that we have this little meal to get it fully in a small package of time and space. 

World Wide Communion was initially celebrated in 1933 beginning at Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the midst of the Great Depression and the rise of fascism, the unity of the body of Christ would be expressed through this common act celebrated throughout the Church worldwide. By the time the U.S.A. entered the War, the remembrance on this first Sunday of October had taken hold. The Lord’s Supper was celebrated according to the way of the particular congregation or denomination in its particular way, but the words of institution were the same .

We are different in many ways from two generations ago, but we will celebrate and remember what God has done in Jesus Christ as they did in Pittsburgh in 1933 and the body of Christ has been doing for 2000 years. A variety of bread, one savior and Lord.

Meet you at the table.

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