Slowing Down Global Warming: Support the building of wind turbines.

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

For if God leads us into wind and rain, It is for us to be cleaned and refreshed.
–Mount Shasta, Northern California
                Frank Saxton

There are 314,000 (probably more, my statistics go up to 2017) which supplies nearly 4% of global electricity. In the 1920’s and 30’s, farms across the mid-western U.S. were dotted with wind turbines as a dominant energy source, ‘simple’ windmills, which we still see in the countryside, but are no longer used for the intended purpose. So as the US went from family farms to agribusiness, these smaller sources of energy were lost.     One of the drawbacks to the new very large turbines is that birds get slaughtered.  Another is that they change the view of the natural landscape  (I’d rather see them than not) Hopefully technology can find some way of protecting the birds.

Is there some way to bring back a smaller scale wind turbine, even in the suburban environment? Could they be included for new home construction, on vacant lots, PUD’s  and apartment complexes?

Family farms had been the most efficient way to produce food, vegetable and animal. By nature small farms wouldn’t be growing a monoculture, and because of that, would not require as many pesticides. And with fewer crop dusters, we’d have cleaner air.

As the countdown to bigger climate changes looms in our future, we need to be asking more questions of our elected officials.

Source: ‘Drawdown’ edited by Paul Hawken copyright 2017.

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