Slowing Down Global Warming: Suggestions #5-#9

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

And so we contemplate: God and I and Time
Laughing quietly, accepting, hoping
For even this cantankerous Race
Shows promise 

 Half Dome, Yosemite
Frank Saxton

#4. Drive the smallest vehicle you can, preferably hybrid or electric. Avoid single drivers in vans or large pickups.

#5. Take the nearest parking spot.  Circling around parking lots uses up gas, promotes pollution.

#6. Don’t use AC or heat while sitting in the car; more energy lost,more pollution.

#7. Organize errands to save gas and time. Need one other ingredient for that recipe? Find a substitute in your kitchen. You might invent       something new.

#8. Take one (or two or three) days a week off from using your car; less traffic on the streets and a calmer you.

#9. Walk or bike instead of driving as much as possible. We’ve heard this many times and it looks to me like more people are doing this.      Thank you.

Some or all of these suggestions may make you feel like you’re being asked to give up too much. However, the health and safety ofour children (and grandchildren) depend on it.

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