Slowing Down Global Warming: Introduction

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

We’ve all seen some benefits to our surrounds as a result of the ‘shelter in place’ requirements we have been living under. There has been less traffic, more blue skies, the sounds of birds, wild animals coming out of hiding and over all a more peaceful lifestyle. It’s been a pleasure to see families out walking together, having more time for each other, and just slowing down in general.

Of course the pandemic has also meant loss of income for many people, no school for adults and children, and not many activities beyond home. With places opening back up, people will be earning all or part of their original income. Meanwhile but the risks of the virus have gone up. There have been more cases at the hospitals, more people have died.

It is important to remember that our rushed and material way of life has ushered in this pandemic. Therefore, for a healthier way of life we shouldn’t be raging back to the maddening pace of the ‘past’. This is a good time to continue some of the changes we have followed. This will slow down Global Warming. It will better enable our kids and grandkids to have a decent life. ‘Live simply, so that others may simply live.’

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