Scott’s Thoughts: Focus

From Scott Baucher, Moderator

This morning I rolled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 1:35. I couldn’t sleep and had something to write. Now, it’s 3:25 and I’m just getting started. Or…more accurately…restarted…again. Ironically, the topic is focus.

For this writing, focus means concentrating and acting on a plan. The plan for 2017 and 2018 is to create a 5-year-rolling-plan called the Road to 202X (pronounced twenty, twenty X). In 2017, we are creating a 5-year-plan that will take us to 2022. Next year, we’ll review and revise the plan to take us to 2023, etc. Hence, a 5-year-rolling-plan to 202X. 

While this plan is being developed, we also want to consider our “infrastructure”. This primarily includes technology for better communication, accounting, financial reporting and membership info that can connect us in more interesting and meaningful ways. Infrastructure also means talented, qualified, dedicated people as well as improved revenue and stewardship. 

But let’s look beyond our own walls and boundaries. Let’s look at neighboring real estate to understand what property might fit with our sanctuary, social justice, and community connection hopes and dreams. This involves fact finding and creative input. 

At this writing, we are focusing and we are making progress, thanks to so many of you! I am EXTREMELY proud of the people we have at our church. Our members, our staff, our leadership. An amazing group! We are lucky people to find ourselves surrounded and supported by so many who do so much!! 

Focus. Focus on the future…the Road to 202X. Interesting? Interested? Let me know! 

Your Friend in Focus,


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