Scott’s Thoughts: 2018 Pre-flight Safety Speech

Anyone who has flown commercially has heard the pre-flight safety speech given in the unlikely event of an emergency. Should the cabin depressurize, for example, oxygen masks will drop from overhead. People are shown how to secure their own mask, initiate the low of oxygen, and asked to take care of their own needs before helping someone else. We understand that we must first take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. 

Indulge me and think of the plane as life and oxygen as God. Like God, oxygen is always there, but we often don’t think about it. But when life, like a plane, hits turbulence, we need oxygen. If we look up, we will find it waiting to aid us. Once we feel safe and secure, we are able to think about others. If they need help and we have the oxygen, we are able to offer it. 

For many of us, Big Red is oxygen. Big Red offers safety, security, acceptance, and healing. At Big Red people are refreshed, revitalized, and re-energized to better deal with life’s turbulence. Once our oxygen mask is secure and we feel the flow of God within us, we can and want to help others. 

People come to Big Red to find peace.
They stay at Big Red to share peace. 

 For 2018, let’s all: 

    Look up. 

           Breathe in. 

                Feel our lungs fill. 

                     Slowly breathe out. 

                          Give thanks. 

                               Look around. 

                                    Help Big Red help others. 



Happy New Year!

Scott Baucher

Big Red Co-pilot (and Moderator)


One thought on “Scott’s Thoughts: 2018 Pre-flight Safety Speech

  1. Cheryl Dobson says:

    Great analogy and thoughts Scott. The Big Red Church was indeed food for the soul. I miss my Big Red Church family. Miss working in the kitchen too, that was so much fun and so rewarding. Blessings and Love to all. Cheryl❤❤❤

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