Remembering Bruce L. Morris on his 100th Birthday

Bruce L Morris, former First Congregational Church Fresno moderator, Sunday School Teacher, Circle of Friends Childcare & all-around FCCF Volunteer and Fresno City College instructor would have been 100 years old on August 12th.

In honor of his service to FCCF, his love for the Sierra Nevada and devoted volunteer at Camp Tamarack we are making a special appeal for Camp Tam in cooperation with his family and the Morris Trust. Camp Tamarack is closed for this season due to Covid-19. Annual maintenance and repairs are being performed by those who believe in the Camp Tam experience as much as Bruce. Their goal and ours is to ensure a viable camp experience for future generations of Tam Campers.

Bruce may well have started his affection for his beloved Sierra Nevadas during a 2-week trek with his parents, Professor Frank R and Lotta Ray Morris to the Summit of Mt Whitney in 1930. Bruce was the 2nd youngest to sign the register at age 10.

Bruce’s parents were stalwart First Congregational members from the day the family joined when it was located at Divisadero & San Pablo. At the awkward age of 14 and needing to expand his social and spiritual experiences, the Morris family soon became pillars of FCCF.

A summary of Bruce’s Sierra Nevada experiences include:

  • Fresno State College Summer School, Huntington Lake – 1930’s -’42
  • Family Camp Freso, Dinkey Creek – 1950’s
  • Millerton Park Summer Ranger – ’50’s
  • Camp Manager, YMCA Camp Sequoia ’50s
  • Morris Cabin Shaver Lake 1960–

All donations will benefit the maintenance of Camp Tamarack or Camperships to provide the physical and spiritual experience Bruce felt while surrounded by the natural beauty of his beloved Sierras.

All who wish to donate or pledge a donation can do so by:

  • Check made out to FCCF
  • Donation made via Givelify, specify “Bruce L. Morris 100 Camp Tam”
  • In-kind donations, contact Penny Peterson in the FCCF office at [email protected] or by calling 559.227.8489

Please mark all donations: 

CAMP TAMARACK, Bruce Morris 100

Your personal notes & reflections of Bruce and Camp Tam experiences are welcome with or without a donation.

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  1. Bruce Morris says:

    … age of 14 BRUCE NEEDED… to expand…

    Other, less akward wording would be acceptable also.

    What has the response been any response?

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