Pew Poll: Accidentally Inspirational

There are some secular songs that can stop you in your tracks and hit you with a wave of The Divine. We asked our congregation to share some of their favorite secular songs with a spiritual side. Here’s what they said:

Capital Kings – You’ll Never Be Alone

“It gives encouragement”

Jimmie Rodgers – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

“It explores the life cycle. [I] first heard [it] sung by Gateway Singers in S.F, 1953.”

The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!

“I believe all is in God’s time. There is a reason—God’s reason!”

Savage Garden – Affirmation

“Such a beautiful song that reminds us that we’re okay, It’s okay. Whatever we’re doing or going through, we’re not alone.”

Coldplay – Yellow

“Makes me think of how much God loves us, the sacrifice of Jesus. I think of Christ singing this song to us.”

Hanson – I Was Born

“We were created with purpose. We aren’t supposed to be anyone but ourselves to fulfill that purpose.”

Do you have any tunes to add to the list? Share them in the comments section!

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