Moderator’s Message — Part Three

This is the long awaited, final chapter of the church council retreat trilogy. It begins with this recap: Last February 24, your council held a half-day retreat to see how we can better serve you as a member and friend of Big Red Church. We discussed many things, but focused on three main topics. We talked about our church structure and whether or not our current configuration is the best way to serve you. We talked about communication, that persistent and consistent problem that can be a struggle whenever two or more people gather and relate. Finally, we talked about YOU…our members, our friends, our church family! 

You, of course, are the church! So, naturally we should be focusing on you. With this in mind, we want to find better ways to know and serve you. We would love to know what you enjoy doing and what your relationship is with the church. But mostly, we just want to know how we can improve as a church. This process of getting to know you better may involve asking you to complete a survey. 
Now, this may sound like an aside, but my hands hovered over the keyboard for quite some time before I typed the previous sentence. Why? Because we have asked our members to complete surveys in the past and then neglected to do anything with the survey information!  Yes, it was a mistake and we do not intend to repeat it. So, if you’re asked to do a survey and, you do the survey, we promise…again…we promise, to make sure that the information is used and shared with the congregation. 
In the meantime, we are investigating systems, including software, that can help us know our Big Red members and friends better and that will help us communicate with each of you as a person, a ministry member or just as one of us…the Big Red Church family in fellowship and service! 
This ends the trilogy, but you can be sure that a sequel is already being sketched out on paper napkins everywhere! So stay tuned!
Scott Baucher
“The promise keeper” moderator

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