Into Our Own Hands

From Rev. Ara Guekguezian

When will Jesus come again? It has been too long. I/we are tired of waiting. 2000 years is enough patience. There are moments when I think a part of the church is holding a gun to its head and threatening God, “If the trumpet does not sound in the next month, I’m pulling the trigger.”

This is the Judas experience—cornering Jesus that he may act and bring about the new age where the proper order is restored. Independence for God’s people and the removal of the Roman authorities from the land with the concurrent reform of the religious institutions. Judas would then be appointed the Secretary of the Treasury. Life would be right.

The plan did not work too well. Judas’ vision was restored to a degree. He became painfully aware of his great sin. He not only did not trust Jesus, but took Jesus’s place at the center of his life. Judas chose death over life.

Peter denied and was forgiven and restored. Thomas doubted and was forgiven and restored. Judas betrayed and could not/would not get out of his own way to receive forgiveness/grace to be restored.

Don’t be Judas. Trust in the Lord with all of your being. Even after Easter there is time to work on the disciples of patience, praying God’s will (that my/our will be in line with God’s will) and receiving the unbounded love of God in Jesus.


Pastor Ara

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