By Gayle Thornton

At Big Red Church we are doing an awesome job in Outreach and growing in ways to help in our community. But we have another challenge—Inreach! Inreach is a word I just made up to talk about the needs within our church community.

At the Big Red Church, we are family. And family takes care of each other as best it can. Sometimes someone among us is ill or has surgery and needs some meals. Or sometimes a shut-in has a hankering for a favorite to-go meal that is easy to pick up and deliver. (I know a lady like that!)

Sometimes someone in our church family needs a ride to church, to a doctor’s appointment, or to the grocery store. Giving a ride means that not only do you help them out, but you get the pleasure of getting to know them better. In the past few months Dale Buchanan and I have enjoyed getting to know one of our dear members much better as we transported her back and forth from Kerman to her chemo treatments.

How can you help? Church Life is putting together a list of folks who are available from time to time to take a meal to someone and another list of folks who could give a lift to someone who needs a ride. Would you like to be on one of these lists? Could you help out once in a while?

Please give prayerful consideration to how you might bless someone with a meal or a ride and be blessed yourself. Contact Church Life if you are interested.

Gayle Thornton

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