In Response to the Coronavirus…

By Kim Williams

We have fielded a number of calls and emails from our members expressing concern during this time as we are bombarded with the inescapable news of the spread of the Coronavirus. As a church, we are naturally a place of connection, however we do invite our members to politely decline from engaging in hugs and hand shakes if they are concerned about the spread of germs. There is hand sanitizer in most areas of the church, however all are reminded that hand washing is truly the best defense against the spread of viruses.
Please take a moment to read this article from the United Church of Christ regarding the Coronavirus: Church leaders urge education, caution and common sense as U.S. coronavirus cases increase.
Additionally, as is our practice as seekers of a just world for all, we invite you to read the following articles:
As we may opt to pass the Purell instead of passing the peace, we are reminded that we are called by Christ to stand against xenophobia and love our neighbor.

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