By Robbyn Mosley, Vice Moderator

Many of you are already aware of the numbers of Tricker-Treaters and their families who attended the Neighborhood Halloween Party. Eight hundred hot dogs were donated by our congregation, of which about 600 were served Wednesday evening and another 100 were warmed and served the next day to homeless folks near the Poverello House.

That, however, is not the only success of the event. In our New Beginnings process, we discussed how our congregation, in the past, has accepted challenges requiring planning, manning, and funding to achieve a successful outcome. The numbers of hot dogs served Wednesday night was not different from previous years, but this year our volunteers numbered at least thirty-three instead of less than ten, yielding much less stress. Through the use of a new program installed by our Director of Facilities and Technologies, the various tasks were listed along with time slots so a member would be able to fill in a few bits of information, check the box of the desired task on-line in a simple sign-up process and receive an E-Mail reminder two days before the event. We are still learning of this new tool’s uses but it should prove effective in organizing much of what we attempt in the future.

The following items can be considered successes to our efforts:

  • An event that benefited our surrounding community
  • Proper planning and a choice in tasks which enlisted more of our congregation in the effort
  • Advertising and organizing through electronic tools which added to the attendance and the donation of supplies and time
  • A slide show running throughout the evening which provided attendees information about who we are as a group of Christians, activities in which we are involved, and, other events that might be of interest to those in attendance
  • A Safe and Welcoming facility – open to all

Hopefully, what we are learning will lead to new avenues of mission in serving our community.

Robbyn Mosley

Vice Moderator  

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