Free Food Saturday

Written by Dale Buchanan

The August 22, 2020 Big Red Church, Drive-thru Food Distribution is now History. It is my pleasure to call it a success. In an earlier announcement I spoke of doing church in the Age of Coronavirus, yours truly was secretly skeptical perhaps even a little bit cynical about the chances of this totally new ministry Turning out well. I was wrong! In spite of some anxious moments everything fell into place.

In rough numbers there were: boxes of shelf-stable foods and  bags of fresh vegetables and fruit for everyone. I am reminded of the parable of the loaves and fishes. There were 139 households representing 566 individuals fed.  Also receiving food from our giveaway on Saturday were ten families from the Headstart that meets on the Big Red campus. We had lots of volunteers from Big Red, twenty young people from Teens That Care, and seven from Mike Gostanian’s Lions Club.

Before I forget the HEAD START, which meets on the Big Red Campus, was also served full portions.

Sometimes when everything works out I use the slang expression,  it  clicked into place. And that is exactly what happened on Saturday every thing just clicked!

Sometimes yours truly forgets.  Forgets that ours is a ministry of faith. When Jesus commissioned his disciples to feed the multitude, they replied, “we can’t.” Imagine how foolish the disciples must have felt as they started passing out that paltry handful of bread and fish. In essence they began with nothing  and finished with more than they started with.

Thank the good Lord that there are at Big Red, disciples willing to believe that they can turn  a trifling sum into a feast. “ I believe help thou my unbelief.”

One thought on “Free Food Saturday

  1. Randy Oftedal says:

    Thank you so much Mr Buchanan for the great coverage of this event. We will now become Free Food Saturday ,doing a drive by event until the covid period has ended. We still ask for our church to support our efforts physically, and financially .
    May the peace of Christ be with all of you.

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