December 7 | Advent Devotional

Eternal Promise
From Ara Guekguezian
First Congregational Church
2 Samuel 5:1–2; 7:15–17

“But I will not take my steadfast love from him,”

Job security for David the new king, not like the old king. As we prepare to again celebrate the eternal fulfillment of the Promise in the birth of Jesus, it essential for us to hear of the full promise concerning David. The Davidic covenant is an eternal one, a dynasty forever. Jesus is the fulfillment of this covenant as he seats on the throne of David. Check the genealogies in Matthew 1 and Luke 3. No matter what David does, he will not be removed and replaced as Saul was. Free to act, sure. David had shown himself to be a righteous one. He is faithful, courageous, strong, upright. But are there any standards or boundaries for David?

In the fourteenth verse of chapter 7 we read that God states that when (not if) David commits iniquity, God will punish, but not remove. A few chapters later we read about David’s moment with Bathsheba and further on we read about the consequences of David’s iniquity.

The steadfast love of God endures forever. The Holy Spirit is present always. Jesus’ work endures eternally. We are free. Free to act, Righteously.

Our world is full of the negative consequences of unrighteous action, but the steadfast love of God endures. This is what we are preparing to celebrate.

Prayer: We are grateful for the enduring promise of your covenant with David. May we live faithfully within your Promise always. Amen.

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