December 10 | Advent Devotional

From Elsie Taylor
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Luke 1:57–68

  1. John’s parents said “No” to circumcision
  2. I remember the word “circumcision” when I was in my younger years. At that time the medical field said “one must be circumcised for health reasons” (1940s?)
  3. At this time (1949 and on) our youth programs changed within the church and out of the church
    1. Gradually our churches also changed from
      a) Meeting in the foyer of the church
      b) One entered quietly and read the Bible or just prepared for the sermon (no talking)
      c) Minister and choir entered down the center aisle
  4. A few years back, at our present time, I saw an excellent movie on television around Easter
    Christ and John were in a boat on their way to and island, when they landed and found a place to sit.

    “Jesus” said to “John”, “You are to write the whole bible.” and Jesus left.

  5.  At the present time we have several new writings of the Bible. Why go to church? It is almost like regular school. All we have to do is pick up a Bible we understand. Our recreation and gatherings are held in schools, house gatherings, and several organization places— the crucial question is “how does one learn the true basics of our churches?” and the urgent one to learn presently,

    “Thou shalt not kill.”

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