Slowing Down Global Warming: #10-#13

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

My God will meet all your needs
according to the riches of his
glory in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

Certainly, food is one of our basic needs.

#10. If possible, eat as a vegetarian or vegan or at least cut down on the amount of meat you do eat. Providing beef and milk results in lots of methane gas, which is even more polluting than carbon dioxide. Save the meat and the milk for the kids. The way animals are raised is suspect for a pandemic. Holidays present the possibility for an exception. A plant-rich diet does have enough protein and there is less of a chance of heart disease and cancer for you.

#11. Food waste is the third biggest contributor to global warming (Drawdown). Rotting food gives off methane. It is very helpful to have food banks.

#12. Grow all or some of your own fruits and vegetables. ‘Slow’ food takes much less transportation. You will know for sure that your food is organic and you’ll be able to skip the packaging.

#13. Keep your weight down. You’ll consume less food.

Slowing Down Global Warming: Suggestions #5-#9

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

And so we contemplate: God and I and Time
Laughing quietly, accepting, hoping
For even this cantankerous Race
Shows promise 

 Half Dome, Yosemite
Frank Saxton

#4. Drive the smallest vehicle you can, preferably hybrid or electric. Avoid single drivers in vans or large pickups.

#5. Take the nearest parking spot.  Circling around parking lots uses up gas, promotes pollution.

#6. Don’t use AC or heat while sitting in the car; more energy lost,more pollution.

#7. Organize errands to save gas and time. Need one other ingredient for that recipe? Find a substitute in your kitchen. You might invent       something new.

#8. Take one (or two or three) days a week off from using your car; less traffic on the streets and a calmer you.

#9. Walk or bike instead of driving as much as possible. We’ve heard this many times and it looks to me like more people are doing this.      Thank you.

Some or all of these suggestions may make you feel like you’re being asked to give up too much. However, the health and safety ofour children (and grandchildren) depend on it.

Slowing Down Global Warming: Support the building of wind turbines.

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

For if God leads us into wind and rain, It is for us to be cleaned and refreshed.
–Mount Shasta, Northern California
                Frank Saxton

There are 314,000 (probably more, my statistics go up to 2017) which supplies nearly 4% of global electricity. In the 1920’s and 30’s, farms across the mid-western U.S. were dotted with wind turbines as a dominant energy source, ‘simple’ windmills, which we still see in the countryside, but are no longer used for the intended purpose. So as the US went from family farms to agribusiness, these smaller sources of energy were lost.     One of the drawbacks to the new very large turbines is that birds get slaughtered.  Another is that they change the view of the natural landscape  (I’d rather see them than not) Hopefully technology can find some way of protecting the birds.

Is there some way to bring back a smaller scale wind turbine, even in the suburban environment? Could they be included for new home construction, on vacant lots, PUD’s  and apartment complexes?

Family farms had been the most efficient way to produce food, vegetable and animal. By nature small farms wouldn’t be growing a monoculture, and because of that, would not require as many pesticides. And with fewer crop dusters, we’d have cleaner air.

As the countdown to bigger climate changes looms in our future, we need to be asking more questions of our elected officials.

Source: ‘Drawdown’ edited by Paul Hawken copyright 2017.

Slowing Down Global Warming: Air Conditioning

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

Walk, gentle in my world.
Let it flow through your becoming.
Lift up your soul,
And sing in a strong voice.

        With Indian Paintbrush near Tamarak Ridge, CA             
        By Frank Saxton

AC is the single largest cause of global warming. (The hotter it gets the hotter it is going to get)

Change #1:   Raise your thermostat a few more degrees.                   

  • Augment or increase the use of fans.
  • Turn the AC off for a short time in the morning while you open your doors and windows and let the cool air in.
  • For new construction, consider one of the modern ‘coolers’. It’s comfortable and you’ll save on your electric bill.

Change #2:   Keep thinking all the time about ways to save the planet. Share your ideas.

Slowing Down Global Warming: Introduction

Bible Verses, Practical, and Personal Change

By Rosalie Brown

We’ve all seen some benefits to our surrounds as a result of the ‘shelter in place’ requirements we have been living under. There has been less traffic, more blue skies, the sounds of birds, wild animals coming out of hiding and over all a more peaceful lifestyle. It’s been a pleasure to see families out walking together, having more time for each other, and just slowing down in general.

Of course the pandemic has also meant loss of income for many people, no school for adults and children, and not many activities beyond home. With places opening back up, people will be earning all or part of their original income. Meanwhile but the risks of the virus have gone up. There have been more cases at the hospitals, more people have died.

It is important to remember that our rushed and material way of life has ushered in this pandemic. Therefore, for a healthier way of life we shouldn’t be raging back to the maddening pace of the ‘past’. This is a good time to continue some of the changes we have followed. This will slow down Global Warming. It will better enable our kids and grandkids to have a decent life. ‘Live simply, so that others may simply live.’