Big Red Movers?

Not quite, even though after running all over the county picking up and dropping off furniture pieces over the last few weeks would certainly qualify Pastor Ara, Rich Hoyt, and Randy Oftedal to start up a side business as Movers if they ever decided to.

As we are reminded again and again, when you release a request to God (and the congregation), help is almost always immediately offered. This time it was in the form of furniture that we could offer to our Syrian refugee family and various members and friends of the congregation.

A 12-year old boy received a bicycle, we’ve found a home for a couch and love-seat set, we’ve purchased and dropped off a mattress and box spring, and that’s only the beginning. Abundance is the word of the day, and we praise God for giving us the resources (and strong backs and pick-up trucks) to help these items find the people they can benefit the most.

We thank all the hands that have contributed to moving these items around, the hearts who have given the furniture pieces and donations, and the folks at International Furniture for giving us great service while we got the mattress.

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