Advent Devotional 2017

Welcome to a word from your people;
family, friends, pastors,
sisters and brothers in Christ.

Take a few moments each day of this most beautiful season and ponder.

Engage with the text of the day. Enter into conversation with mediation provided by the author of the day. And pray for clear vision that you may experience fully the Incarnation of our God.

May you have a sense of peace, of calm and of fulfillment during a time that has become one of great stress: a time when one’s loss is accentuated, the lonely feel lonelier, the hungry hungrier, the poor poorer.

At least once a day, we the people of faith, are reminded of the blessing received in the newborn babe. It is best outcome from our season of preparation.


Pastors Pat Sheahan and Ara Guekguezian


The 2017 Advent Devotional is a collaboration between First Congregational and Westminster Presbyterian Churches of Fresno.

2017 Advent Devotional