Advent Devotional • January 6

Monday, January 6
Written by Corvin Wayne Brown
First Congregational Church of Fresno
Matthew 2:1-12

O Magi, I stand outside in autumn haze,
Of night lights, dust, and dark, talking to you,
And long I’ve wondered what struck you as new.
What star was born that night

that whispered winds commanding you to follow
the spire of fire from Persia to Palestine
and bear the gifts fit for a Jew and King,
treasures that prove you knew what you’d see.

Zoroastrians, I confess, a wild star
led me to believe in shortcut songs and
nativities with you kneeled on the day of birth.
I’ve been wrapped in tangles of front-yard truth,

my keystone missing — you three wise men
yet to arrive. My insight tonight: you. So now,
it’s your turn to tell me what startled you.
In the crib, did you see a better world

to come? or a new chart for all time?
or future blame heaped on him? Was myrrh
to anoint or embalm? Please tell me your epiphany
that would make you drop down to your knee.

Your insight had to be new and fresh—
as fresh as a bright born babe.


You can download a PDF of the devotional here.

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