Advent Devotional • December 3

Tuesday, December 3

Written by Rev. David Klingensmith
First Congregational Church of Fresno
Isaiah 2:1-5

Hope is a strong force within us, stronger even than emotion. Children hope for Santa to come, people coming to the US in caravans hope for a brighter future, gay and trans people hope for equality, persons diagnosed with cancer or other serious illnesses hope for a cure.

Hope can cause us to endure more than we ever thought we could imagine. People go through chemotherapy and radiation sustained by hope. Jews in concentration camps persisted in hope that they would be liberated.

The picture that Isaiah painted showed a place where swords would be beaten into plows, spears into pruning hooks, a place where there would be no more wars, only peace would prevail. Everyone would seek to walk in God’s way.

When we look at our world that is filled with war and hate, discrimination and disease, do we have hope, too, that one day all will be peace, health and equality? It is easy to become discouraged and cynical. But hope can also be a great motivator. We can work for peace, healing and equality in our communities and beyond.

In this Advent season, may we be open to the ways God teaches us and may we walk in hope the path God sets for us.


You can download a PDF of the devotional here.


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